Ceraplex Review

by Brain Research Labs
August 12, 2014BRS Publishing
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Is Ceraplex Right For You?

Ceraplex is promoted as a brain supplement that can help consumers become more alert, reduce the stress symptoms, fight off free radicals, and improve cognitive function. This product is manufactured by Brain Research Labs.

The holistic market has made some important steps forward in determining which herbal extracts and elements are solid cognitive enhancers, and which one are not. According to the manufacturer, this supplement incorporates a strong detox and fortifying formula.

The official website does a good job in explaining how this formula is supposed to work and what extracts are used in the mixture. However, the website fails to provide some key information that we usually suggest looking for, like relevant clinical trials, researches and testimonials.

During our research, we were able to find a number of retail websites that carry Ceraplex. Unfortunately, most of them don’t post testimonials either, which is a little bit disturbing because the more results driven formulas usually post their customer success stories.


Ingredients of Ceraplex

Ceraplex includes the following ingredients: Vitamin B12, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Curcumin, and Ginkgo Biloba.

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