Lumosity Review

by Lumos Labs
May 15, 2014BRS Publishing
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Is Lumosity Right For You?

The product reviewed here is designed as a brain training application meant to develop four core cognitive capacities, particularly memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving. The training software application is developed by Lumos Labs. The developer claims that more than 35 million people have used the application, with more than 600.000.000 active game-plays. The cognitive training problem has been designed by a team of teachers, academics, neuroscientists, and clinicians and undergoes continuous improvements.

In addition, the users of the applications have access to advanced tracking tools in order to evaluate their progress and improve their cognitive performance on all five directions described above. According to the developer of the application, 97% of users have recorded an improvement in their cognitive functions. The program is based on the hypothesis that brain can be trained, and it aims to do so through various brain-training games developed based on independent scientific research conducted by reputable institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, and Barkley.

The company mentions that multiple studies that have been published support the program’s effectiveness in improving key cognitive abilities such as visual attention, intelligence, and working memory among others.

This product can be successfully used by adults and by children above the age of seven; however, it may pose some difficulties for children this age. Trial versions are available to pre-assess if the program is suited for children or not.

Ingredients of Lumosity

Lumosity includes the following ingredients: Not available.

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