Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG Review

by Standard Process
August 18, 2014BRS Publishing
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Is Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG Right For You?

Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG is presented as a Protomorphogen extract based formula which was designed to support a healthy functioning of the central nervous system. It was launched on the nutritional market in 1953 by a company called Standard Process.

The uniqueness of this business relies on the fact that its founder, Dr. Royal Lee, based all of their products on the idea that the provenience of an ingredient is of higher importance than the amount of each used in a remedy. Because of this, even a small quantity of a whole food supplement can offer help to people who are following that specific treatment. They currently sell around three hundred products whose targets vary from veterinary formulas to whole food supplements.

Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG is based on a combination between calcium and a proprietary bend that features porcine brain extract. Manufacturers claim that, even though the formula contains animal extracts, they were manufactured in order to help offer cellular support as well as rehabilitation to corresponding human tissues, thus porcine brain extract should act direct on the brain. Furthermore, the antigenic qualities of the nucleoprotein0mineral determinants represent the foundation of this supplement. For each tablet, there is approximately 145 mg porcine brain PMG extract.


Ingredients of Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG

Standard Process Neurotrophin PMG includes the following ingredients: Cholesterol, Calcium, and a Proprietary Blend containing porcine brain PMG extract and magnesium citrate.

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